A support group is a powerful and effective approach to address emotional and psychological concerns. Groups help in building a social support system, interpersonal skills, peer-to-peer learning, and a safe space for catharsis. We offer structured psycho-educational groups and non-structured support groups. We encourage and ensure safety and confidentiality in all our groups.


The various groups that we offer are:

  • Grief and Loss

  • Eating & Body Image

  • Support Group for Corporate Professionals

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group

  • Student Support Group

  • First-time mothers' Group

  • Parents of children with Emotional/Behavioral difficulties

  • Anxiety Support Group

  • Depression Support Group

  • Parents of children with a disability Support Group

  • Elders Support Group

  • Women's Support Group

  • People with Non-traditional Gender/Sexual Identities

  • STD/HIV Support Group


We are willing to organize more groups depending on the need and interests of our community.


If you would like us to organize a group on any topic that is not listed above, then please contact us and submit the request. We will do our best to create a group on that topic.

Currently, we are proving support groups for the following areas:


1. Support Group for Caregivers of Elderly Parents

2. Support Group for Adults dealing with Toxic Parents

3. Quaran-Team: Isolated But Not Alone - Support Group for Anxiety Surrounding Covid19  

4. Quaran-Team: Isolated But Not Alone - Support Group for Families of Healthcare Workers

The ideal size for a group is 8-10 participants and slots in each group are available on a first come first serve basis. For a group to work in the most efficient manner, it is prudent that the group begins once the all the slots have been filled. Hence, each of the groups mentioned above will begin once the registrations are complete. 

Our psychologist Jyotsna Sodhi will be leading the Support Groups. In case of any queries about Support Groups, kindly reach out to her at