Sex - Ed Series


It’s an unfortunate reality that something as important as sex education is still a taboo due to the conservative nature of our society. This makes it difficult for students to develop a healthy understanding about the topic which further adds to the prevailing misconceptions about sex and sexuality.

Not having a space to talk about a concept as natural as sexualility can be extremely painful and challenging for a child. And, as a result of this external shaming of a topic, a child can easily internalise that shame. From here, the narrative of "something is wrong with me" can develop. It is essential for us as a community to normalise conversations around sexuality to aid a healthy development of our future generations.


Another crucial component of sex education is learning about good and bad touch, consent, safety, and being able to assert one's boundaries when it comes to sexuality.

Therefore, at Karma, we feel that sex education is an essential and imperative tool to equip students with appropriate information about sex and sexuality and enable them to make informed choices and decisions and learn skills needed to manage their own sexual health and relationships.

Following are the topics covered in our sex-ed series, spread across three modules.

Module I: Introduction to Sex Education

              Importance of Sex Education

              Let’s talk about Puberty

              Sex and Sexuality

Module II: Essential Components of Sexual Expression

              Is Sex just physical?

              Healthy exploration of sexuality

              Touch- Healthy vs Unhealthy


Module III: The Rights and Wrongs of Sex

               Ethical porn

               Safe’r’ sex practices.

               Discussing Consent.


Duration: The workshop series would be held over a period of 3 weeks.

               Week I: Module I (2 hours)

               Week II: Module II (2 hours)

               Week III: Module III (2 hours)