Support Groups 

A support group is a powerful and effective approach to address emotional and psychological concerns. Groups help in building a social support system, interpersonal skills, peer-to-peer learning, and a safe space for catharsis. We offer structured psycho-educational groups and non-structured support groups. We encourage and ensure safety and confidentiality in all our groups.


The various groups that we offer are:

  • Grief and Loss

  • Eating & Body Image

  • Support Group for Corporate Professionals

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group

  • Student Support Group

  • First-time mothers' Group

  • Parents of children with Emotional/Behavioral difficulties

  • Anxiety Support Group

  • Depression Support Group

  • Parents of children with a disability Support Group

  • Elders Support Group

  • Women's Support Group

  • People with Non-traditional Gender/Sexual Identities

  • STD/HIV Support Group

We are willing to organize more groups depending on the need and interests of our community.


If you would like us to organize a group on any topic that is not listed above, then please contact us and submit the request. We will do our best to create a group on that topic.

Currently, we are proving support groups for the following areas:

Support Group for Adults dealing with Toxic Parents

Families are the gateway to a person’s view of the world. But when this environment only becomes toxic, it may hamper an individual’s ability to navigate the world & other relationships. This support group aims to provide a safe space for individuals who have grown up in an unhealthy/ toxic family environment, to seek & extend support to each other by sharing their experiences.


The group will be facilitated by Psychologists at KCCW.

Fee: Rs 500 per session


Support Group for LGBTQIA+ Community

The queer community in India has had a long struggle for finding acceptance & rights in society. That combined with their unique life stressors, the need for a safe, supportive space can be extremely helpful for queer individuals. This support group aims to provide a safe space for queer individuals to come together to seek and extend social & emotional support to others like them.

Fee: Rs 300 per session


Support Group for People Grieving Loss of a Pet

Pets can be an integral part of an individual’s life and contribute to the social and emotional wellbeing of the person. The loss of a pet is a loss not openly talked about or even acknowledged. This support group aims to provide a safe space for individuals grieving the loss of a pet to come together to seek and extend support to one another by sharing their feelings.

Fee: Rs 300 per session


Support Group for Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse

Abuse of any form can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s psychosocial wellbeing. When this happens between intimate partners, social as well as legal constraints might prevent a person from reporting the abuse and seeking the right form of help. This support group offers a space for individuals who have survived abuse from their intimate partners to seek and offer emotional support to people who have shared similar experiences.

Fee: Rs 300 per session