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Global Services

Professionals at Karma Center are internationally trained to offer counseling services to individuals from diverse backgrounds/cultures. We are experienced in working with individuals from different countries and can provide culturally sensitive counseling and therapy.

Local Expat Community
New Delhi and neighboring cities are home to international students and professionals. Delhi is a challenging city to live in, not only for the expat community but for long term residents as well. Navigating the complex culture, language, and socio-economic structures, while dealing with stressors of home, workplace, weather, and traffic is an exhausting list of challenges in Delhi. Expats from other countries may need support to deal not only with living in a new city but also coping with loss and dis-location from their home country. Making new friends and adjusting to a new life may bring up emotional and psychological challenges that expatriates have had no prior experience with. Professionals at Karma Center understand the challenges of expats from their own experiences of living in a different country and can provide culturally appropriate compassionate support for expats in Delhi.

Indian Expat Community Abroad
India boasts of a number of successful students and professionals living in various parts of the world. However, the challenges that an Indian faces while living in other countries due to race, nationality, language, and adjusting to new living conditions can be baffling for any individual. It’s very difficult to explain the challenges one is facing in a new country to family and friends back home. Talking to a therapist trained in multicultural counselling can be helpful in coping effectively with these challenges.

International Services
We provide confidential and effective online counselling/ therapy for international clients. Our nominal fee structure is affordable for individuals in other countries where mental health services are expensive or are minimally available.