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SEX & SEXUALITY: Addressing Wellbeing and Dysfunction 

Sexual Dysfunctions: Individuals may encounter difficulties in achieving sexual satisfaction or pleasure at any stage of sexual activity. The most common sexual dysfunctions are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia & low sexual desire. We offer a wide range of effective & evidence-based psychotherapeutic services for the management of various sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity: We are strong advocates for the mental health needs of individuals with non-traditional forms of sexual & gender orientations. We provide a safe space for people to explore their concerns in a non-judgmental environment. We offer counseling services to enhance their sense of well-being, positive self-esteem, coping skills, & healthy adjustment.

For Couples: At Karma, experienced Psychologists assist couples in exploring & addressing sexual issues in an empathic, supportive & a safe environment.