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With awareness comes responsibility. We live in a world where not knowing about something can make us increasingly wary of it. That ultimately leads to intolerance, prejudice, and marginalization. Functioning with a mainstream narrative limits a student’s worldview on so many issues. This learning module has especially been designed for middle school students because they are at that age where it’s imperative to imbibe in them the values of empathy, kindness, and openness. Queer Affirmative Learning Module does exactly that: teaches students to understand and appreciate diversity and grow up to be thought leaders and flagbearers of inclusion. 


Queer Affirmative Learning Module is a three-part series with the following objectives:


  • To encourage students to understand gender beyond binaries 

  • To offer a safe and inquisitive space to talk about sexuality and sexual orientation beyond the heteronormative mold 

  • To initiate much-needed conversation around consent: be it in the context of their identity, their personal space, or their gender expression 

  • To also encourage students to engage in self-reflection so that the journey of discovering of self can begin at an early age 

  • To normalize conversations around sex, sexuality, and everything that is perceived to be the “other”. 

  • To aid school counselors in working with the LGBTQIA+ youth better.  


Module 1: Understanding Self: Gender 


Module 2: Bringing the Other In: Sexuality 


Module 3: Let’s talk Consent! 


The aforementioned modules contain multiple engaging activities, video and audio aids that make them engaging for this particular demographic and can be covered in a duration of 3 weeks with 2 hours each for every module.