We have a very complicated relationship with our body and this relationship is defined by a lot of internal and external factors. Over time it has become more and more noticeable that the conversations around the body and how we talk about ourselves have become more negative and critical in nature. There is a very specific and unidimensional conversation around how bodies need to look- especially in terms of weight. 

The Body Image Series is a 5 module series catering to High School students to help them explore and rediscover their relationship with their bodies. The aim of the series is:

  • Psychoeducation on Body Image

  • Understanding how our context affects our dialogue around Body Image 

  • How to recognize negative body image

  • How to work on developing a Neutral/Healthy Body Image 

Each module will be discussion-based along with various activities to increase engagement and understanding of various concepts. 

Module I: What is Body Image?  

Module II: What affects our Body Image?

Module III: Media and Body Image 

Module IV: Language and Body Image 

Module V: How to improve my relationship with my Body?

Duration: The workshops are to be held over a period of 3 weeks. One module a day. 

Week 1: Module I (1 ½ hour)  & Module II (1 ½ hour)

Week 2: Module III (2 hours)  & Module IV (1 ½ hour)

Week 3: Module V (2 hours)